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Job openings will be carefully reviewed by the HR Recruiting Team. 

Hiring Department Representatives create, review, and submit for approval. Next, CHR reviews and approves. Last, job posting is displayed in Careers@USF

All changes to the job opening after being approved by chr, branch campus HR, USF health HR, or USF health faculty affairs must be made by HR recruiting.



Careers at USF

With minor exceptions (i.e. Reclassifications or Targeted Recruitments), ALL Faculty, Administration, Staff, Temporary, and Student jobs must be posted for a minimum of seven (7) days.

All Faculty and Administration positions at the Director level and above must be advertised nationally. This requirement can be accomplished by posting externally on Careers@USF. 

Prior to submitting a vacant job for posting, Hiring Authorities need to determine whether to recruit internally or externally. 

Posting Internally

This option allows the Hiring Authority to recruit current USF employees only.

Note: This posting type can be accessed by all active USF employees (Faculty, Administration, Staff, and Temporary).

  • Non-Faculty/Non-Student Temporary employees must be given a job title that best fits one of USF’s current job titles for Staff and Administration employees. Even though it will still use a temporary job code, the job must be given a title reflective of the work performed.
  • Minimum qualifications must match a position from the existing Staff and Administration classifications.
  • Non-Faculty/Non-Student Temporary jobs will be paid in accordance with hiring salary ranges for the job titles that best fit the job duties.
  • Requests to post a job as a Salaried Non-Student Temporary must be approved by CHR, Branch Campus HR prior to posting.
  • You are required to list all interviewers on the hiring team page of the job opening when you submit it for approval. 

Posting Externally

This option allows the Hiring Authority to recruit current USF employees as well as external applicants.  

  • Our website is scraped regularly by various recruiting sites – including and You need to do nothing for this exposure, and there is no cost to your college/department. 
  • If you wish to post your recruitment on sites other than Careers@USF, please contact the HR Recruiting Team. .

Minimum Qualifications


All job openings must contain minimum qualifications established in Administration, Staff and Faculty Job Titles. Applicants for Non-Faculty/Non-Student Temporary jobs must meet the minimum qualifications for the job title that best meets the duties in order to be considered an eligible candidate for the job.

Access Administration and Staff Job Titles

Access Faculty Job Titles

Hiring Authorities may make clarifying changes to the degree discipline and the type of experience.

Hiring Authorities cannot, however, make changes to the degree requirement, the number of years of experience, and whether experience may be substituted for the required degree.

Preferred Qualifications

Adding “preferred” qualifications allows the hiring authority to describe the skillset of the “ideal” applicant for the position. When establishing a preferred qualification, the reviewer must be able to identify it on a resume or application.

The reviewer is unable to screen an application or resume for characteristics such as:

    • being a team player
    • being able to multi-task or
    • being a people person

On the other hand, when screening an application/resume, the reviewer can easily search and screen for one year of experience in a particular subject/discipline/software, experience, etc.

Hiring Salary range



Classification & Compensation in CHR participates in various reliable salary surveys to establish the hiring range for all positions. Salary data is reviewed regularly to ensure we remain competitive in the marketplace. Individual colleges and departments have flexibility within the established hiring range. 

Using on- line, web-based salary information is not recommended as a resource as it is typically self-reported; therefore, it is not always reliable.

If you have questions about the hiring salary range, please reach out to the Classification & Compensation team.

Posting Duration


The University requires all positions to be posted on Careers@USF for a minimum of seven (7) days.

The following table lists the allowable initial and maximum posting durations, by job type:

Type of Job Initial Maximum Duration Life of Job Opening
Should the pool exceed 50 eligible applicants, the recruiting will be paused
Faculty 6 months 1 year
Administration 30 days 6 months
Staff 14 days 6 months
Non-Student Temporary 14 days 3 months

Changing Posting End Date

If the initial search was unsuccessful, the hiring department may request to re-post the position for a minimum of seven (7) days as long as it does not exceed the Life of the Job Opening. To re-post the position, the hiring department must email Please note: All applicants in the pool must be dispositioned properly before the opening will be re-posted.

To remove the job opening before the posting end date, you must submit the request to your Service Center Sr. HR Specialist, Branch Campus HR or USF Health

job aidJob Aid: How to Create a Job Opening in GEMS|PDF Version | Video Version (7 Minutes)