Recruitment Toolkit

Records Retention

The Hiring Department Representative inventories the documents collected and ensures that ALL documents associated with the recruitment and selection process are retained consistent with all statutory requirements (Hiring Authorities are responsible for insuring all recruiting records are retained in accordance with the State of Florida’s General Records Schedule for State and Local Government Agencies).

Recruitment documents can be uploaded as one PDF document or separated into two groups:

1. Job offer documents for the selected applicant(s) must be uploaded to the job opening as a PDF. Preferably, consolidated into one or two files. Job openings with multiple hires should upload the job offer documents into individual (PDF) files labeled with the applicant’s name. This includes, but is not limited to, the following documents:

  1. Education verification (unofficial transcripts/diploma/certificates/licenses)
  2. Employment verification(s)
  3. Employment references

2. All other related recruitment documents must be uploaded to the job opening as a single supplemental file (PDF). This includes, but is not limited to, the following documents:
  1. Recruitment and hiring document cover sheet
  2. Target Recruitment Request Form (and supplemental documentation)
  3. External advertisements, external postings on job boards, etc.
  4. Applicant status/flow logs or spreadsheets created to track selection progress
  5. Interview questions (phone screening and in-person)
  6. Interview notes (Personal notes not intended to be shared with others do not need to be retained. If an interviewer or search committee member shares his/her personal notes with someone else, or prepares the notes for the purpose of documenting the interview for review by others, then the notes must retained).
  7. Search committee meeting notices
  8. Search committee minutes
  9. Testing results
  10. Written communications with any search firm

Recruitment documents must be maintained for four (4) years from the date of the personnel decision/hiring decision.

The Hiring Departments fulfill their record-keeping responsibilities upon fully uploading the recruitment records into the Careers@USF system. However, if the Hiring Department decides to dispose of the original documents after uploading them into Careers@USF, please do so in accordance with the University Records Retention Procedures.