Recruitment Toolkit

Setting the Tone




 The key goals of employment interviews are:

  • To find out as much as possible about what the applicants know
  • To learn how they have applied and tested work skills
  • To determine where their aptitudes lie

As you launch the interview:

  • Confirm with the applicant that s/he is here to interview for XYZ position, in XYZ department, and restate the advertised hiring range (if appropriate) and ensure that they orally confirm their understanding of this.

  • Give a high-level overview of the scope of duties and responsibilities associated with this position.

  • Make the applicant aware of what you do at USF and how your position relates to the position for which s/he is interviewing.

  • Provide information about your organizational structure.

  • Notify the applicant you will be taking notes.

  • Give the applicant your full attention. Ignore your electronic devices -- cell phone/tablet/pc/etc.


It is appropriate to ask follow-up/clarifying questions; it is not appropriate to ask completely different questions of an applicant. A common method for follow-up questions is the STAR approach:


  • What was the business problem of goal?
  • Who was involved?
  • What were the budgetary considerations?
  • What were the time constraints?


  • What did you hope to achieve?
  • How did you come to that conclusion?
  • Who did you consult?


  • What did you do?
  • Who did you work with?
  • What skills or experience did you draw upon?
  • What obstacles did you encounter?


  • What were the business results?
  • What feedback did you receive?
  • What did you learn from the experience?