How to Apply

Certificate Completion

Once you have completed your graduate certificate requirements, you can request your certificate.

In order to receive your completed certificate, you must:

  • Complete all admission and course requirements for certificate. Note: Students must maintain a 3.0 average in the graduate certificate coursework to be eligible for completion.
  • Complete the Graduate Certificate Completion form.
  • Submit the completed form to the director and college dean for sign off.

(Instructional Technology students: please consult the department website and include the information requested re: documenting your outcome project on your form, then submit the completed form to the Office of Graduate Certificates).

Once the form is submitted, the Office of Graduate Certificates will:

  • Notify the USF Office of the Registrar of completion so that the student's transcripts can be updated.
  • Order a formal certificate of completion through DiploMatic.

In addition, the department will:

  • Confirm the satisfactory completion of certificate course requirements.
  • Sign the completion form and obtain the appropriate college dean's signature.
  • Send the signed form to the Office of Graduate Studies