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Congratulations to Dr. Philippidis and Dr. Ghebremichael

At a ceremony organized by USF World on November 21, 2019, Dr. George Philippidis was recognized as a Fulbright Scholar and was awarded a Fulbright medal.  His Fulbright project consisted of a visit and subsequent partnership with Tunghai University (THU) in Taiwan to promote the development of sustainability education and research between USF and THU.

 Dr. Ghebremichael was awarded a Honorable Mention for Global Student Success and received a certification of Global Achievement. The award recognized him for a NSF funded project that he is working on along with faculty in Engineering and Education. They take a group of students to Ghana to study the water sanitation & hygiene systems. In Ghana, the students worked with university and high school students to develop water and sanitation technologies and learn water and sanitation challenges. This award also recognizes his Carnegie Fellowship that helped develop and receive the NSF grant.