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PCGS student Lina Isabel Galeano, Introducing a Bio Gas System, in Arusha, Tanzania

PCGS student Lina Isabel Galeano, Introducing a Bio Gas System, in Arusha, Tanzania

Congratulations Fall 2019 Graduates!

Please join us in congratulating the graduating class of Fall 2019. This fall, PCGS will graduate 31 students, who will receive their Master of Arts degree in Global Sustainability. Graduates specialize in one of nine concentrations: energy, food, water, transportation, tourism, sustainable business, climate change, entrepreneurship, and sustainable policy. During their time at PCGS, each graduate has worked hard to get where they are and they are excited to maintain that work ethic and passion as sustainability professionals in their future careers. We would like to highlight a few of our graduates.

Lina Isabel Galeano, climate change concentration, has been an intern in Arusha, Tanzania conducting a marketing project with biogas bags. She explains that the goal of the project is to introduce biogas bags for commercialization of use, which implies not only an environmental advance because biogas replaces the use of charcoal (which saves trees), but also improves the health of the women (mostly in charge of procuring charcoal and firewood) and their children (watotos) who the women carry on their backs while cooking. Isabel is the founder and CEO of her own environmental consulting company; she looks forward to incorporating renewable energy solutions such as biogas in her business plan.

Brandi Murphy, food concentration, says that Patel College gave her the opportunity to dive deep into her passion for global food security issues and learn about other forms of sustainability challenges. Over this past semester, she has been in Panama developing an ethnographic case study of an agro-ecotourism project. She and her colleagues believe that the valuable lessons learnt from this project would help them become key stakeholders in the ecotourism industry. She plans to continue on to earn a PhD to cement her career as a sustainability specialist.

Kiana Sladicki, climate change concentration, is the president of GLOBE, the PCGS graduate student organization. She is currently working on her capstone project to demonstrate that using recycled material for 3D printing is more cost effective and eco-friendly than using industrially sourced petroleum products. She recently started a job as an environmental specialist at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) in the Hazardous Waste and Environmental Resource Permitting Program. After graduation she will continue her work with FDEP, and, possibly continue her education in environmental policy.

Ticiana Marini, climate change concentration, has been working at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as an Environmental Sustainability Research Intern with their Environmental Sustainability Management (EMS) team. Under the Office of Central Support Services, EMS works to reduce the impact the United Nations Headquarter's work has on the environment. Over this past summer, Ticiana worked for Coca-Cola Beverages Florida as a sustainability intern. After graduation, Ticiana looks forward to enhancing her product life-cycle skills by joining a company that employs sustainable life-cycle assessment methods in their products or packaging.

Patrick Murphy, business concentration, Patrick has been an intern in the Office of Sustainability for the City of Denver, Colorado. The Office of Sustainability has developed sustainability goals that the City of Denver plans to reach by 2020. He has been collecting data for Denver's 2018 progress report, which will be featured at the 5th Annual 2019 Sustainable Denver Summit in December 2019. After graduation, Patrick hopes to pursue a career in the private sector in the sustainable sphere in the Denver area or the West Coast.

Congratulations Class of Fall 2019!