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PCGS Dean speaks at mayoral forum.

PCGS Dean Parayil speaks at mayoral forum

Wednesday February 20th

By: Dean Parayil

Dean Parayil spoke at the Mayoral forum put together by Sierra Club on Wednesday February 20th. Dean Parayil started his opening remarks by letting community members know how important the forum was to him and to the community. "As responsible members of the community, our participation in this forum is an important aspect of our educational and community engagement missions."

This forum was to address that there is a need in Tampa for elected officials and the general public to be more aware of the environmental issues that are and will continue to be effecting us in the near future. He highlighted how important it is for our local government representatives to take a stance on improving the quality of life for its community members. "Local governments- towns, cities and countries-- are the focal points of action on environmental stewardship for improving the quality of life of their citizens and communities."

Issues such as high increases in ocean water temperatures, stronger and more catastrophic storms, and long lasting and deadly red tides on our beaches have been affecting the residents of Florida. Dean Parayil believes that with assistance from Tampa's elected officials, PCGS could aid in creating action plans and ideas to help push the Tampa community in the right direction for environmental change. "We at the Patel College are happy to work with the city of Tampa to develop action plans for climate resilience, environmental justice, and sustainability."