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New Sustainability Courses

New Sustainability Courses

New Maymester Workshop & Course: IDS 6938 Applied Heritage & Sustainability Research at Egmont Key

This 3 credit online course is integrated with the professional development workshop sponsored by the Patel College of Global Sustainability, the Access 3D Lab and the Seminole Tribe of Florida Tribal Historic Preservation Office. The workshop will use Terrestrial LiDAR and GIS analysis to visualize climate change and environmental impacts and digitally preserve Egmont Key's endangered heritage which includes the little known history of Seminole people who were held prisoner there from 1856-1858. All participants are eligible to earn a Career Readiness Gold Badge. The workshop and class will be held from May 6-24 with 2 weeks on-site at Egmont Key followed by data processing at the Access 3D Lab.

New Summer C Online Course: IDS 2231 Introduction To Global Sustainability.

This course is offered to undergraduates and satisfies a GEN-ED requirement. GCP course approved.

The course focuses on key Global Issues for Sustainability including: Population growth, ecosystems, climate change, water, energy, agriculture, business, economics, policy, ethics, and culture. It discusses the impact of individual choices on local and global sustainability. Students will develop sustainability project plans for the USF campus and local communities.