Ocean Conservation Project


leahLeah Mowery, a graduate student and Coverdell Fellow with PCGS, is currently serving as an Ocean Conservation Intern with Environment Florida to help protect our oceans, wildlife, and wild places.

Environment Florida, a subset of Environment America, is a nonprofit aimed at transforming the power of our imaginations and ideas into change that makes our world a greener and healthier place for all through research reports, news conferences, interviews, op-ed pieces, and letters to the editor.

 The main project she has been spearheading in Florida is “Voices for our Oceans,” an advocacy campaign that aims to build support for protecting our beaches, oceans, and wetlands by tapping into their bank of voices when needed to advocate for greater oceans conservation. She is individually executing outreach to members of the community who understand the importance of ocean conservation and are willing to lend their voice to help. As a “Voice for our Oceans” member, they are a part of our voices list and play a role in advocating for protecting our oceans from the myriad of threats they face -- from plastic pollution to offshore drilling to habitat destruction -- for generations to come. Environment Florida notifies the voices about opportunities to make their voice heard, whether that’s by signing a petition, attending an event, calling elected officials, writing a media piece, or attending a lobby meeting.

This is an excellent example of giving the public an opportunity to advocate for causes they care about and bring change into their hands. If you would like to sign up to be a voice for our oceans, you can fill out the quick survey or contact Leah Mowery at

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