Apply For Graduation

The deadline to apply for graduation by semester:

Spring 2021 - February 8, 2021
Summer 2021 - June 14, 2021
Fall 2021 - September 20, 2021


Participation in the commencement exercise requires RSVP which can be done after you officially apply for graduation. See the Commencement website for official dates of commencement (ceremony dates).

Please read the important information below to be sure you don't miss a step in this important graduation process.


Directions to Officially Apply for Graduation (to receive your diploma):

Login into OASIS using MyUSF and then follow these five simple steps: 

  1. Enter your Net ID and self-assigned password
  2. Click on "My Resources"
  3. Click on "OASIS"
  4. Click on "Student"
  5. Near the bottom of the list, select "Apply for Graduation"
Please be sure to check the address in OASIS as that is where your diploma will be sent.
NOTEThis does not automatically add you to the commencement exercisePlease read below for further details to complete that process and see other important information about graduation.

Bachelor's, Master's, ED.S. Or Ph.D. Degree application for graduation and graduation survey must both be submitted online by the deadline listed in your respective catalog. Associate of Arts Degree applicants need not complete a graduation survey. You are responsible for checking with your college for any additional graduation requirements and earlier application deadlines they may require. For example, the College of Engineering requires all engineering students to apply for graduation in the term prior to the anticipated graduation term.

Any student who completes the graduation survey and applies after the published deadline will not have her or his name included in the commencement brochure. Applying late may also possibly prevent the application from being processed in time for the degree to be awarded until the next semester, even if all degree requirements are met. In order for a degree statement to appear on your academic record, a graduation survey and application must be submitted whether or not participation in the commencement ceremony is desired. To RSVP to participate in the commencement exercise after you have officially applied to graduate using the directions above, visit the Commencement Office website.

Another Note about Commencement: Graduate students may not participate in Commencement exercises until all requirements for the degree have been met. For Undergraduates who will be participating, the Commencement ceremony takes place before degree certification for you and your fellow graduating class members is finalized in the Colleges. All potential degree awardees are subject to final approval or denial by the college of your respective major. Certification of your degree is awarded is incomplete until well after grades are posted.

If you do not qualify for your degree the semester in which you originally apply, you must submit a new application for graduation by the deadline in the semester in which you will meet the requirements for your degree.

The Office of Decision Support (ODS) requires all graduation applicants to take a survey in order to collect data for ODS as well as the Graduate School. That survey affronts the online graduation application.

When you are ready to begin the survey and apply:

Login into OASIS using MyUSF and then follow these five steps:

  1. Enter your Net ID and self-assigned password
  2. Click on "My Resources" 
  3. Click on "OASIS"
  4. Click on "Student" 
  5. Near the bottom of the list, select "Apply for Graduation"

Other Important Information for Graduation Applicants:

Financial obligations must be cleared prior to graduation or your diploma will be held upon request of the Cashier.

It is your responsibility to clear all "I" - incomplete grades - for courses required for graduation, and to provide official hard copy transcripts of all transferred course work needed for graduation at least one term prior to the degree term. Notify your college of any change or error in your schedule for the current semester, including any adds/drops or withdrawals. Contact the University Registrar's Office if your name does not appear on a class roll for a course in which you believe you are registered.

Your diploma name must be consistent with your USF student record. A change of name must be submitted on an official Change of Name Form with substantiating documents. Signify on the form if the changed name is to be listed on your diploma instead of the one in your student record. It is critical that upper/lower case letters, accents, and punctuation be clearly indicated on the application.

How and When You Will Receive Your Diploma

Your diploma will be mailed through the regular postal service approximately six to eight weeks after final grades are officially post for the final semester. This delivery date may be adjusted due to University closure. If your diploma is printed incorrectly due to university error or it is damaged in route you must return the incorrect or damaged diploma to USF's Office of the Registrar for one complimentary replacement. Complimentary replacement for any reason requires return of the original diploma. 

Degree Certified Transcripts

Transcripts with degree statements will be available for order approximately six (6) weeks after commencement, regardless of whether you participate in the graduation ceremony or not. There is a per copy fee for each transcript. More on ordering official USF transcripts...

Note for student's on Complete Privacy:  If you have placed your student academic records on Complete Privacy via OASIS and you wish to be listed in the commencement brochure, you must notify the Office of the Registrar in writing by the 4th (fourth) week of the semester you are applying to graduate.

For academic honors to be listed in the commencement brochure, you must have a GPA of 3.50 or higher for all work attempted at USF the semester before you plan to apply to graduate with a Bachelor's degree. In addition, USF students who have post-secondary work elsewhere must have a GPA of 3.50 or higher when combined with all transferable work attempted at other institutions to be eligible for honors. The USF Grade Forgiveness policy or similar at other institutions will not be applicable in computing the GPA for honors, nor are plus/minus grades awarded by other institutions. Graduate students are not recognized for academic honors at graduation.

Loans: The Office of Finance and Accounting will prevent receipt of your diploma for failure to comply with a required exit interview.


Insure that all fees are paid to the university in full.  These include parking, library, manuscript, etc. or a hold will be placed on your student record. This will prevent release of your diploma and transcripts until all fees are collected and the hold(s) is/are released.

Once your hold has been removed, email AskTheRegistrar to let the Office of the Registrar know the diploma can be mailed out.  

Students applying for a second bachelor's degree from USF must earn a minimum of 30 additional semester hours in on-campus undergraduate courses to be applied to a second degree. These hours are in addition to the 120 semester hours you earn toward your first degree.

Replacement Diploma Request Information

You may purchase additional copies of your diploma by downloading and completing the Replacement Diploma Request Form and mailing this form request to USF with the required $10.00 fee per requested diploma. (Please note: fees are subject to change).

Your check or money order must be made payable to:

Replacement Diploma
University of South Florida
P.O. Box 864571
Orlando, FL 32886-4571

 Please allow approximately 15 business days for delivery of your new diploma.