Non-Degree Admission

Your USF Non-Degree student application with payment of the non-refundable application fee can be submitted online. Apply online here for admission as a non-degree seeker. Remember to select University of South Florida (USF) and Non-Degree listed alphabetically or a Graduate Certificate program when asked, "What is your intended program of study?" If you apply and do not attend in the term for which you applied, please contact AskTheRegistrar from your USF email address to request an update to your term of entry.

Proof of Florida residency for determining your eligibility to pay in-state tuition rates may be submitted directly to the Registration & Records Office on any USF campus you are planning to attend. Please be advised that Financial Aid is not available for Non-Degree seeking students.

All students, regardless of age, must complete a mandatory medical history form available from USF Student Health Services. Foreign nationals must comply with the State University System's Insurance requirements by providing proof of insurance to the USF Student Health Services Office prior to registration.

Similarly, if you are a Permanent Resident Alien, i.e. a "Green Card" holder, you may submit photocopies of both sides of your Alien Registration card. If you are a foreign nationals presently in the United States, you may submit documentation of your current immigration status to the particular USF campus where you plan to attend.

Please be advised a maximum of 14 credit hours may be applied to an Undergraduate program, or 12 credit hours to a Graduate program. Contact the college of your major. Transfer credit for more than twelve graduate level hours must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. A maximum of eight semester hours (or three courses) may be transferred from another graduate school. Transfer work must be posted to your student academic record no later than one full term prior to your graduation.

Your completed Graduate Transfer Courses Form, available only in the department of your college, should include your student ID, the term in which you were admitted to your graduate program, the applicable College/Department, the courses to be transferred, and the signature of your Advisor and the Department Director or College Dean of your graduate program. The department of your college will directly submit approved forms to the Office of the Registrar.

Because of demand for some courses, Non-Degree students may only register during the first week of the semester in College of Business Administration courses and only with college/departmental permission.

The non-refundable application processing fee for Non-Degree seekers is $30. You can also enroll as a Non-Degree student in a Graduate Certificate program for which this online application can be used; however, the non-refundable application fee is also $30 and departmental approval is required. NOTE: the approval form at Graduate Certificates cannot be submitted online.

You cannot apply as Non-Degree seeking if you have previously been denied USF undergraduate admission or if you previously attended USF and your degree has NOT been awarded. Do not apply as a Non-Degree-seeker unless you are in good academic standing with your last institution or if you are already admitted to USF as a degree-seeker and have not earned a degree from another institution.

IMPORTANT: Non-Degree applicants are bound by the University's regulations concerning completeness and accuracy of application information. Making false or fraudulent statements regarding prior conduct may result in disciplinary action, invalidation of credits earned and registration eligibility rescinded. Should any information change prior to registration, Non-Degree applicants must notify the USF Office of the Registrar. The University may refuse admission to a student whose record shows previous misconduct not in the best interest of the University community.

Apply online here.