Veteran Admissions Assistance

Veteran Admissions Pathways Program

Point of Contact: Chris Mosser, Admissions and Benefits Coordinator

To help alleviate the confusion and stress associated with applying to a large university, the Office of Veteran Success has created the Veteran Admissions Pathways Program. Since the birth of the Pathways to Admissions Program in Spring 2013, hundreds of veterans and veteran dependents have utilized the program to help create an easier transition through the process. 

Chris serves as a direct liason between the Office of Veteran Success and the USF Admissions Office to assist veterans and dependents with their unique needs. While he does NOT review transcripts or make admissions decisions, Chris is the personal contact for all veteran and dependent prospective students in case one-on-one guidance on any step in process is needed. He can also assist with any questions or concerns in regards to gaining Florida residency at USF. 

Chris also coordinates the mandatory Veteran Orientation sessions which helps to walk veterans and eligible dependents through every step of the Benefits Request Process and explain all of the services OVS offers them.  Chris can help prospective students understand what benefits they are eligible for and how to request to use them at USF.

The Office of Veteran Success urges all student veterans to also schedule an appointment with Jeanine Frederick to review their career goals and to determine what additional requirements must be obtained to be gainfully employed in a given field.  For example, a student pursuing a social work degree for the purposes of being a therapist, should know that they must achieve a Master’s in Social Work and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker before they are able to perform therapy independently.  Shaina can also assist the student in scheduling an appointment with an advisor within their selected program to determine credentialing needed upon graduation for gainful employment.

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