Veteran Admissions Assistance

Out of State Fee Waiver

The University of South Florida is proud to extend Out of State Tuition Waivers to active duty students and those using VA and DoD education benefits.   

The University of South Florida waives out of state fees for veterans, reservists, national guard members, dependents, and active duty service members who meet specific requirements as delineated in USF Regulation 4.0108, Board of Governors Regulation Chapter 7.008, and Florida Statute Title XLVII, Chapter 1009.26. For additional information, see the Florida Department of Education website. 

Please note there are stipulations and a specific process to be followed to take advantage of this tremendous benefit.  Failure to comply with this procedure will slow down the waiver process and may result in significant out of state tuition and fees that will be the student’s responsibility.  

The Office of Veteran Success has created a new, consolidated Out of State Waiver form to streamline the process for our customers while increasing the completeness of each submission.  Please note the following: 

Save a copy of your answers to the form.  At this time, students will not receive email confirmation after submitting their Out of State Waiver application, so we encourage each student to save their answers when given the option at the end.  
Apply for an Out of State Waiver every semester.  Completing an out of state waiver application does not change your residency for tuition purposes, thus students must submit an out of state waiver every semester. 

April 19th, 2024 is the Final Day for changes to Spring 2024 waivers 
Where to send updated documentation:  To have new or updated documents added to a previous submission, or for more information or questions about the Out of State Waiver, please email the Out of State waiver team


To apply for an Out of State Tuition Waiver, click here.