Office of Veteran Success Forms

Benefit Request Forms

USF Advisor Letter Template

If any class(es) that you are enrolled in during the semester show in the "Fallthrough Courses" section of your Degreeworks, this signifies that they ARE NOT REQUIRED for your current degree path and will likely NOT be certified by the Office of Veteran Success. If a course shows in your "Fallthrough Courses" section, but IS a requirement for your current or future degree path, attach the completed form below to your VA Works application.

Student Scholarship Statement

Complete a Student Scholarship Statement EVERY SEMESTER if you are receiving a TUITION AND FEE BASED scholarship in the same semester that you are using your VA education benefits.

Combat Decorations Waiver

This State of Florida award will grant free tuition and fees to eligible veterans. In order to be eligible, a veteran must have received a bronze star w/ valor, purple heart, or higher award. This form needs to be turned in every semester to receive the waiver.

Yellow Ribbon Application

Complete and submit a Yellow Ribbon Application if you are being charged out-of-state tuition and fees, do NOT qualify for the Out of State Tuition Waiver, and are using the Post 9/11 GI Bill® at the 100% rate.

Military Activation - Guard and Reserves

When activated for military service, National Guard and Reserve students should complete the appropriate form below and contact our office with a copy of your orders. Incomplete designations are at the discretion of each professor, and must be made up within one year. Incomplete courses are designated on Degreeworks with with a notation of "I" instead of a grade.

Military Withdrawal Form

Military students may receive military orders which conflict with their studies, to include deployment, reassignment, or training. Please use the below form if you receive orders which prevent successful course completion, then contact our office with a copy of your orders. You may be afforded a "Withdrawal for cause," noted on your Degreeworks by the code "WIC." You should not be assessed any academic or financial penalties.