Veteran Admissions Assistance


Point of Contact: Savanna Rains, Veteran Support Coordinator

"Residency" refers to whether you are an in-state Florida resident or an out-of-state resident. This classification is very important since it determines your tuition rate.



  • If a student would like to submit a request to gain Florida residency AFTER their first semester at USF, they will need to request for a residency reclassification through the USF Office of the Registrar. 
    • REQUIRED documentation: 
      • THREE ties to the State of Florida dated ONE year and ONE day prior to the start of the term requesting residency reclassification
    • When submitting documents, complete the form below:
    • Deadline:
      • The FIRST Friday of the term seeking reclassification


     ***PLEASE NOTE:***

Living in or attending school in Florida WILL NOT, in itself, establish legal residence for tuition purposes. If you are independent and attempting to request residency reclassification, please know the institution looks for established ties to the State prior to starting at USF: full time employment that started and has continued prior to enrollment at USF or a family member that is a Florida resident (notarized letter indicating family tie will suffice with relative’s FL ID/driver’s license).  What brought you to the State for reasons other than education?    

 Since veterans, veteran dependents, and active duty military personnel can face unique challenges when trying to gain residency at USF, Savanna can assist with any questions or concerns students have when trying to qualify for the in-state tuition rate at USF.