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Student Veterans Association

Point of Contact: Brad Wojtiuk, SVA Staff Advisor

The USF Student Veterans Association (SVA) is an organization devoted to serving veterans and their families.  It was formed in January 2009 and continues to grow and expand its influence around campus. 

The SVA is an independent student run organization that collaborates with the Office of Veterans Success, the Veteran Research and Reintegration Steering Committee, and USF faculty, staff, and student focused organizations.  The SVA strives to further the social, physical, and educational well-being of the veteran community.  

The SVA fosters three initiatives: social and physical activities, academic success, and professional development.  It also serves many functions such as:

  • Incorporates a supporting community for veterans to facilitate academic and professional success at USF
  • Serves the community, specifically veterans and their families, through volunteering and fundraising events
  • Participates in different intramural sports on campus such as softball and flag football
  • Provides a network to other veteran support groups outside USF
  • Builds partnerships that are facilitated on the USF campus and in the Tampa community.  These partnerships include the Office of Veterans Services, VetSuccess on Campus, Veterans Research Steering Committee, Jacobs Technology, and Team Red, White, and Blue
  • Peer Support by pairing incoming military students with current students who have successfully transitioned from military to civilian academic life.

  • Orientation and Information Sessions by organizing orientation sessions or informational workshops specifically tailored to the needs and concerns of military-affiliated students.

  • Advocacy and Representation for the needs and interests of military-affiliated students within the institution, working to ensure their voices are heard and their concerns addressed by administration, faculty, and other stakeholders.

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