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CMS Workshop: Documents

All documents should be uploaded prior to linking to them within text pages. Remember to name all image files using lowercase letters and/or numbers separated by hyphens only. Do not use special characters. For example: language-requirements-1.pdf.

The documents folder only allows the following file extensions: ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, pdf.


Note on Binary Management

Binary Management is a subset of dependency manager that keeps track of binary files (images and documents). A binary file is assigned a tag that is used when you insert an image onto a page or link to a file. Once uploaded, these files display on Staging like your .pcf files and you need to publish them to either Test or Production.

Prior to the September 2022 upgrade, if you uploaded a file while on Staging, that file automatically went to Production. As we are starting fresh with Binary Management, the new process requires you to upload to Staging and then publish to Test or Production.

To view/select documents uploaded prior to the September 2022 upgrade, you will still need to click over to Test or Production. Those documents will not have a tag number associated with them.

Screenshot of the location of a documents folder within the Omni CMS.
  1. From within your unit’s directory, click on the documents folder.
  2. From Staging, drag and drop files onto the browser window or click the Upload button.
  3. If using the Upload button, click Add Files to browse to the document(s) you would like to upload or drag and drop the file(s) from your computer onto the Upload window.
  4. Click Start Upload. Documents will appear and function as pcf files in Staging.*
  5. Once the file is uploaded, publish the file to Test and/or Production based on your needs.
  6. *Please note: This is an updated process. Documents uploaded to the CMS prior to the September 2022 upgrade are only viewable in Test and/or Production (not Staging).


Please reference our Recycling, Deleting, and Restoring Files web page for more information.

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