Text Pages

Creating a Website Section

A Website Section is an area of your website with a collection of pages/content. Creating a new Website Section generates a new folder and all the necessary files within.

Screenshot of creating a new Website Section in the Omni CMS.
  1. Navigate to the directory that you would like to add a New Website Section to.
  2. Click either the New button or the arrow.
  3. Choose New Website Section.
  4. Enter the New Website Section Name. This will be the section that contains all of your text pages and will have its own side navigation. For example, on the main USF website, About USF is considered a “website section”, Web Tools is the text page that lives in that section. Name your website section using all lowercase and separate words with dashes (i.e. about-usf). Remember, this text also becomes part of your URL.
  5. Enter the Section Title. This is the text that will display at the top of all the pages within this section and will automatically be used in the breadcrumbs.
  6. Choose whether you want the new page to appear in the side navigation.
  7. Click Create.