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CMS Workshop: Assets

  1. Creating Assets
  2. Using Assets in the WYSIWYG Editor
  3. Full List of Available Assets

Assets are preconfigured global elements that are used to provide consistent information across all pages (e.g. student enrollment number), or to protect the integrity of information (e.g. a student testimonial with image). It is up to the Content Manager of each area to create any relevant Assets.

Note: Assets are only as good as how often they are used. If the content to be added to the page appears to have a global element, check the Assets to see if one is available fitting those needs. This will ensure consistency across pages when the content changes.

Creating assets

Please note: Only Content Managers (CM) have access to create and edit assets. If you're unsure of your unit's CM, please email CMSsupport@usf.edu.

Types of Assets

  • Web Content
    • The asset is configured with a mini-WYSIWYG Editor. It may include basic formatting.

  • Plain Text
    • The asset is configured with plain text only.

Create an Asset

  1. Click Content in the top menu, then click Assets.
  2. Click either the New button or the arrow. Clicking the arrow will provide a quick look at which assets are available, while clicking the New button will provide a larger view.
  3. Select the asset type desired.
  4. Complete the presented fields, including:
    1. Asset Name*
    2. Description
    3. Tags (unit name and type of asset).
      1. *Please note: When naming your assets, please use this configuration: unit name-type of asset-name of asset (i.e. main-usf-text-history; business-text-mba)
    4. Configure the asset.
    5. Select the group to whom access to edit the asset should be granted.
    6. Click Create.
    7. From the Publish drop down menu, select which action is appropriate for your permission level/workflow (Publish, Schedule, Submit for Approval, etc.).

Before the asset can be used on the pages, it will need to be published. Follow the same publication process as with pages (see Publishing Pages section).

Helpful Hint: If tagged properly, you can filter the main list of assets by your unit name. Simply enter in your unit name in the filter bar. This enables you to view only your assets.

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Using Assets in the WYSIWYG Editor

Insert an Asset

  1. Click on the Insert Asset icon.
  2. Select the desired Asset. You can also search for the desired Asset using the Filter by tag or Filter by name functions, or by searching through the types of Assets using the dropdown.
  3. Click Insert.

When the Asset is inserted on the page, it is possible that it will not render until the page is saved. Whether or not the Asset renders in the WYSIWYG Editor, it will appear in a box with slashes behind it.

Once the page is saved, the Asset should render within the preview. There will be some cases in which the Asset cannot render until publication. If details about the Asset are desired, it is possible to preview an Asset in the Asset Manager found in Content > Assets by clicking the Preview icon.

Delete/Change an Asset

  1. Click on the Asset so it becomes green and the Insert Asset icon is highlighted.
  2. To delete, click on the “Delete” or “Backspace” button on the keyboard and confirm the deletion.
  3. To change, click on the Insert Asset icon and find a new Asset.

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Full List of Available Assets

View All Assets:

Departments/units throughout campus can use any of the assets tagged “main-usf” on their own websites, but cannot edit any photos, icons, or text. They can be found by clicking on “Assets” under the Content tab.

The Office of University Communications and Marketing maintains all assets.

Text on Main usf.edu

Media Contacts

All of these assets are located on the Media Contacts page within the UCM site: http://www.usf.edu/ucm/media/index.aspx

  • main-usf-text-ucm-media
    This asset contains the contact information for the media/public affairs team in UCM.
  • main-usf-text-athletics-media
    This asset provides the contact information for the USF Athletics media team.
  • main-usf-text-upd-media
    This asset contains media contact information for UP.
  • main-usf-text-usfsm-media
    This asset contains the contact information for the USF Sarasota-Manatee media team.
  • main-usf-text-usfsp-media
    This asset contains the contact information for the media team at USF St. Petersburg

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