Courses Tutored 

Tutoring may very due to semester or student demand. For a list of courses that are specific in the Tutoring Center and the SMART Lab please refer to their "Courses Tutored" pages . 


Course number Course name
ACG 3103 Intermediate Financial Accounting
ACG 3341 Cost Accounting and Control


Course number Course name
BSC 1005 Principles of Biology
BSC 2010 Bio I
BSC 2011 Bio II


Course number Course name
CHM 2023 Chemistry for Today
CHM 2032 Intro to Gen/Organic Chemistry
CHM 2045 General Chemistry I
CHM 2046 General Chemistry II
CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 2440 Chemistry for Engineers


Course number Course name
ECO 3101 Intermediate Price Theory
ECO 3202 Intermediate Macroeconomics


Course number Course name
MAC 1105 College Algebra
MGF 1106 Finite Math
MAC 1147 Pre-Calc Algebra Trigonometry
MAC 2311  Calculus I
MAC 2312  Calculus II
MAC 2313 Calculus III
MAC 2241 Life Science Calculus I
MAC 2242 Life Science Calculus II
MAC 2281 Engineering Calculus I
MAC 2282 Engineering Calculus II
MAC 2283 Engineering Calculus III
MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra
MAP 2302 Differential Equations
MAC 2233  Business Calculus
IDS 2931 Introduction to College Mathematics


Course number Course name
PHY 2020 Conceptual Physics
PHY 2048 General Physics I
PHY 2049 General Physics II
PHY 2053 General Physics Non-Calculus I
PHY 2054 General Physics Non-Calculus II


Course number Course name
STA 2023 Introduction to Statistics
STA 2122 Social Science Statistics
QMB 2100 Business Economic Statistics I
PSY 3204 Psychological Statistics



Upper Level Courses

Tutoring is available in the following areas depending on the semester and demand – JUST ASC!