Rhetoric & Composition (English MA, PhD)


Pedagogy Course Goals

  • Content: understanding the field of technical and professional communication (both the academic field and the practitioner field)
  • Teaching and learning: the approaches to teaching the service course at the University of South Florida, which also applies to similar courses across the nation
  • Instruction: learning how to build a course (from readings to assessment) and talk about your course decision in informed ways

Course Description

The Practicum in Teaching Professional and Technical Communication (PTC) provides students with theoretical knowledge for and practical application of teaching in PTC, which is the fastest growing segment of English studies. In the course, we will work toward an understanding of what PTC is in the academy and more importantly, the role of PTC programs in preparing students for life outside of the academy. You'll expand your teaching abilities and gain a deeper understanding of course and curriculum building, which are valuable skills for the job market.

This is one of two required courses for the Professional and Technical Communication Graduate Certificate. (You can enroll through USF Innovative Education.)