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05/11/2020 Cities Are Still the Place to Be by Dr. Elizabeth Strom
05/04/2020 The Impacts of COVID-19 and the Heroism of American and Global Frontline Workers by Dr. Stephen Aikins

04/27/2020 Mobility After COVID 19: Will Telecommuting be our "New Normal"? by Dr. Peng Chen

04/06/2020 Blockchain, Property Rights, and Public Policy by Dr. Evangeline Linkous
03/27/2020 Is New Tampa Losing Businesses? SPA Team Investigates by Samuel Becker, USF MURP Student
02/24/2020 To Save the Planet, Plant a Tree: Tracking the Tree Canopy of the City of Temple Terrace using Aerial Lidar Datasets by Steven Fernandez, MA, GISP, CCM
02/06/2020 It’s Time for Transportation Equity by Dayna Lazarus, USF MURP Class of 2019
01/24/2020 A New Way for SPA Students to Engage in Local Planning Issues by Student Advocates for Progressive Planning (SAPP)