2024 E-Insights Report

Next Steps

  • USF researchers plan to continue expanding the scope of the e-insights report by exploring non-traditional data sources including realtime big data signals. For example, scholars are exploring various non-traditional data sources to better understand changing patterns of a hybrid working environment as the economy shifts to a post-COVID paradigm.

  • Most of the real-time big data signals obtained were through APIs and scraping. USF faculty and student researchers will explore the possibility of building direct and deeper partnerships with the source companies. They encourage the community to reach out should there be opportunities to connect with local or regional providers of such real-time big data signals.
  • USF researchers will consider a deeper study of whether any of the big-data signals can serve as a reliable proxy of traditional economic indicators. This can be valuable because the proxy can be used to assess the economic health of the region on a realtime basis and can help speed up policy decision making.

  • USF Muma College of Business faculty are building an index of real-time big data signals which can gauge economic prosperity in real time. Such an index would be a single number that can provide a composite measure of the economic health of a region.

Faculty and student researchers look forward to directly partnering with the business community to help potentially leverage real-time big data signals for long-term growth. Community ideas and feedback are welcome!