2024 E-Insights Report

Google Trends Methodology

Google Trends is a valuable tool in determining the popularity of search queries on Google. It assigns an index value to each search term, with a scale from 0 to 100. This value is indicative of the term's relative popularity and offers insights into public interest and interactions in various locations.

Our technique involved entering a range of search queries that were both relevant and frequently searched into Google Trends. A critical part of our study involved extracting these index values for a comprehensive set of search queries that were closely connected to our research focus. Instead of analyzing these queries in isolation, we synthesized their index scores to generate an overall trend metric for each MSA. This was done by calculating the arithmetic average of the index values for all related and highly searched queries, leading to the creation of a broad trend indicator. Such an aggregated score offered a holistic view of the dominant trends within each MSA. Our goal was to observe and track a specific theme across 20 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) selected for the study. Below are the themes with their respective keywords we analyzed this year.

Search Terms

  • Full-time Jobs
    “Full-time Jobs” + “Entry level jobs” + “High Paying jobs” + “Full-time Tech Jobs”

  • Part-time Work
    “Part-time jobs” + “Weekend Jobs” + “Part-time jobs flexible hours” + “Evening part-time jobs”

  • Remote Jobs
    “Remote jobs” + “Work from home jobs” + “Online Freelance jobs” + “Best remote jobs”

  • Business Activity
    “How to start business” + “office space for rent” + “business loans” + “business registration”

It is important to note that the index values collected for the above-mentioned themes are limited to the Tampa-St Petersburg-Clearwater MSA, due to unavailability of data for the other Tampa Bay MSAs.