2024 E-Insights Report

Indeed Job Postings Index

Trend Over Time

Trend Over Time

Year on Year Change (%)

Year on Year Change

About: The Indeed Job Postings Index is built from a 7-day moving average of job postings, with the index set to 100 on February 1, 2020. Seasonal adjustments are based on patterns in historical data.
Source: Economic Research by Indeed. www.hiringlab.org.

  • A steady recovery in job postings is observed since the initial decline at the onset of 2020 due to the pandemic. By early 2022, the job postings index reached its peak and then started declining to reach a new equilibrium in the job market’s post pandemic recovery.
  • There is a significant spike in year-on-year job market growth around mid-2021, showing a strong recovery from the initial pandemic downturn. Post-recovery, the year-on-year job market change percentage levels out, indicating stabilization.
  • The trend suggests a resilient economy in Tampa Bay when compared with other MSAs, with potential for continued growth and new job opportunities.