About Us

What Are the Goals?

The Global Citizens Project has three goals: 1) to provide undergraduates with an introduction to global competencies through the FKL Core Curriculum (Global General Education), 2) to provide undergraduates with opportunities to practice and apply global competencies through their degree programs (Global Pathways), and 3) to provide undergraduates with opportunities to reinforce global competencies through an award program (Global Citizen Awards)

Global General Education

Faculty will incorporate the learning outcomes of the Global Citizens Project into key areas of the FKL Core Curriculum. This will allow students to gain a more global perspective through their courses in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts, and Human and Cultural Diversity in a Global Context.

Global Pathways

Academic departments across campus will develop 'global pathways' that allow students to enhance their global competencies within the context of the major.

Global Citizen Awards

A new award program for undergraduates encourages and rewards undergraduates' global engagement.