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Global Citizen Awards Team

Cynthia Brown-Hernandez (Assistant Director, Academic Services, Undergraduate Studies)
Karla Davis-Salazar (Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies)
Angela Debose (University Registrar, Office of the Registrar)
Holly Gerardi (Graduate Assistant, Undergraduate Studies)
Judelande Jeune (Assistant Director, University Affairs, Student Government)
Jean Keelan (Career Counselor, Career Services)
Jessica Lauther (Administrative Specialist, Undergraduate Studies)
Kali Morgan (Graduate Assistant, Undergraduate Studies)
Monica Miranda (Director, Center for Student Involvement)
Rick Pollenz (Director, Office for Undergraduate Research)
Rene Sanchez (Assistant Director, Education Abroad)
Brianne Stanback (Chair, Undergraduate Council)
Lance Arney (Associate Director, Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships)
Caroline Twachtman (Academic Advisor, Honors College)
Todd Wells (Director, Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement)

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Meeting Packet from July 24, 2014