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Who's Been Involved?

The Global Citizens Project has been developed with input from hundreds of USF administrators, faculty, staff, and students through committees, teams, surveys, town halls, and focus groups. Below are some of the groups that have been actively involved.

GCP Steering Committee (Fall 2015- )

Renamed from QEP to GCP Steering Committee to reflect a new phase in the project focused on implementation, this group is responsible for the policies, procedures, and activities of the Global Citizens Project. It will also review applications and make recommendations regarding course redesign and Global Pathway funding as well as certify Global Pathways, among other activities.

QEP Steering Committee (2013-2015)

The QEP Steering Committee is charged with overseeing the selection, development, and implementation of USF’s QEP. The QEP Steering Committee is composed of administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni from across the university. Representation from all facets of the university community was a key factor in committee composition.

Implementation Teams (2014-2015)

The Implementation Teams developed initial plans for carrying out the strategies recommended by the Development Teams.

Development Teams (Spring 2014)

The Development Teams reviewed input provided by the university community, researched best practices related to global citizenship, and proposed specific strategies that could be implemented to enhance students’ learning related to global citizenship.

Learning Outcomes Team (Spring 2014)

The Learning Outcomes Team consisted of faculty from across the university who worked to develop the initial set of learning outcomes for the Global Citizens Project.

Global Citizenship Program (2011-2015)

Long before the QEP was conceived, a globally focused general education program, called the Global Citizenship General Education Program, was piloted with a small group of students and faculty. Many of the ideas of the participating faculty foreshadowed the strategies of the Global Citizens Project.