Being a Global Citizen

Social Justice

Part of being a global citizen includes striving for social justice, meaning justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. With this in mind, the Global Citizens Project highlights GCP approved courses that focus on social justice. The image below shows courses that can count toward the Global Citizen Award and also introduce you to, or reinforce your knowledge of social justice in varying topics. 

GCP Social Justice Courses

AFA 4713 - Haiti: Legacy of Resilience and Freedom
AMS 3700 - Racism in American Society
ART 2852 - Arts of Resistance
CPO 4034 - Politics of the Developing Areas
EDF 2085 - Education, Diversity, and Global Society
HSC 4211 - Health, Behavior, and Society
HUM 3804 - Cultural Studies Theory and Method
IDS 3315 - Global Issues, Challenges, and Perspectives
MHS 3063 - Cultural Diversity, Health, and Behavioral Health
ORI 4019 - Performing Identity and Culture
PHC 4464 - Introduction to Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health
REL 2306 - Contemporary World Religions
SOW 4134 - Living Latinx: Social Work Practices
SOW 4522 - Multicultural America in a Global Society
SPA 3470 - Culture and Diversity in CSD
SSE 4380 - Global and Multicultural Perspectives in Education
WST 3602 - Introduction to LGBT Cultures
WST 4106 - Global and Transnational Feminism
WST 4110 - Women and Social Justice