Being a Global Citizen

GCP Testimonials

Since 2015, when the Global Citizens Project first started, we have awarded 500 students with the Global Citizens Award. Each student brought with them to the project their own unique perspective and a willingness to challenge that point of view. Such a large audience with a diverse background allows for many things to be said about GCP. So make sure to look through what some of these 500 students have to say about their experience with our program.

Nora Eldin – USF Fall 2020 graduate and Global Citizens Award recipient

"I think my college experience would have not been the same without the GCP, and that's just due to a certain level of commitment, integration into different societies and a kind of drive to put students into situations that make them rethink every single facet of life. Basically makes them globally mature citizens that are multifacet in a plethora of careers and a plethora of lifestyles."

Krista Cummings – Fall 2020 Global Citizen Award Recipient, member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College, and 2020-2021 Student Leader

“GCP has given me the opportunity to not only learn more about foreign cultures but recognize and understand my own. Through this program, there are 500 more global citizens in this world and I think that's absolutely incredible! I'm thankful for being involved in such an educational yet exciting program!”

Gillian Olortegui – Peace Corps Prep recipient and Fall 2002 Global Citizen Award recipient

"A lot of people I think who aren't in GCP, they might do these experiences [volunteer work and study abroad] and carry on with their life afterwards, but because of GCP and because of our reflections we need to submit, we really have to sit down and think about what we actually gained from this experience, and how can I take what I gained and use it for the future."