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Global Faculty Fellows Spotlight

The Global Faculty Fellows Spotlight highlights the faculty members who globally enhanced their courses and provided global education to our students. We are pleased to share with you their take on the value of global citizenship, and the benefits of including a Global Citizens Assignment in their courses.

November 2021

Dr. Lee


"Adding the component to their content learning the global perspective, i.e., to be open to different perspectives, thoughts, habits, and to develop an emphasis on sharing their content matter and behavior with others are invaluable in our undergraduate education.

Our students come to the university expecting to learn disciplinary knowledge and develop skills (e.g., music performance).  University is much more than that.  During university life, students learn about the world and people, and develop insights into where they stand in the global world and what they may become to make the world a better place.  A sense of global citizenship will help them develop purpose in life and motivate them to do their academic work with vigor and passion." 


October 2021

GFF Spotlight


 "Advancing global citizenship is necessary. The courses I have certified through the Global   Citizens Project encourage students to explore the way people understand and frame their   world. To better prepare students to work with people of different religious, cultural,   geographic, and racial identities they must learn to recognize and respect the worldview of   people different from them. That recognition in turn helps the student understand why people   make the choices they do in everything from their professional to personal lives.

 Forwarding a focus on global citizenship teaches students to recognize the disparity in   resources available to different peoples throughout the world. I regularly base GCP   assignments on the intersection of the local community and the global community through the   exploration of one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals. That approach engages the   student with issues facing humans on a macro and micro scale which encourages students to   work for change in the larger world and in their local community."


 "The goal of the GCP assignments I create is for students to synthesize a lot of information into   a presentation that is understandable to someone with little to no experience on the topic.   Doing this teaches a student to successfully translate the knowledge they receive in the   University in multiple ways, the ability to share information to others (explain to employers   why  religion matters to their company) to using it to strengthen professional skills   (communication both written and verbal, research, analysis, leadership, social intelligence).

 The scope of skills they are learning will help them in everything from being part of an   international business through to making impactful changes in their local community and the   larger global world."