Global Citizens Project Student Association

The goal of the Global Citizens Project Student Association (GCPSA) is to foster a sense of community that centers around global citizenship at USF. We will highlight the complexities of what it means to be a global citizen and enhance global knowledge.

All of our events, contact information, and exec board members can be found on our Bullsync page!

GCPSA 2017-2018

GCPSA Exec Members 2017-2018 from L-R: Ryan Grabau, Shiloh Taylor, Awa Ndiaye, Melanie Chacon, Shruti Agarwal.

GCPSA 2017-2018

GCPSA Exec Board 2017-2018 with Advisors
(L-R, Top Row: Awa Ndiaye (President), Melanie Chacon (Secretary), Shruti Agarwal, Shiloh Taylor (Vice President), Ryan Grabau (Treasurer)).
(L-R, Bottom Row: Flore Septimus (Graduate Assistant) and Jessica Lauther (Student Programs Coordinator)).

Exec 2016-2017

2016-2017 GCPSA Executive Board and Founding Members
(L-R, Top Row): Mary Rensch (Co-Secretary), Eliana Lozano Perez (Co-President), Hannah Vosler, Miguel Fortuno (Treasurer), Jasmine Green (Co-President).
(L-R, Bottom Row): Alexa Zeller (Co-Secretary), Alexandra Florescu (Vice President)