Calling all USF undergraduate students!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will want to learn about the USF Global Citizens Project and the opportunities available to students.

The Global Citizens Project is a university-wide initiative aimed at preparing you to succeed in today's interconnected world. But what is a global citizen and why should you want to be one? A global citizen can adapt and even thrive in all sorts of situations whether they involve diverse people, places, events, challenges, or opportunities. So being a global citizen means that you are flexible, knowledgeable about the world, collaborative, and with strong leadership skills. Employers and graduate schools seek these qualities in their candidates. The Global Citizens Project will help you develop these qualities.

Use the links to the left to:

  1. learn about the Global Citizen Award program,
  2. see other ways (Global General Education and Global Pathways) USF is preparing you to be a global citizen,
  3. complete the Global Perspective Inventory (GPI) and win a plush Rocky or GCP backpack, and
  4. explore other global opportunities at USF.