Attendance & Leave

Sick Leave Pool

The USF Sick Leave Pool (SLP) program allows members to contribute hours from their accrued sick leave to a central pool that members can draw upon to remain in a paid status for a specified period of time due to a serious, short-term medical condition after exhausting their own leave.

Eligible full and part-time employees may join the SLP during its annual open enrollment period each April.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Completed one year of continuous service and hired on or before April 1 of the prior year.
  • Have a minimum sick leave balance of 72 hours if appointed full-time (pro-rated if part-time) by pay period ending March of the application year.
  • Staff employees must have a performance rating of “Meets Expectations” or higher.
  • Faculty or Administration employees must not have received a notice of non-reappointment.
  • New members are required to contribute 8 hours of their sick leave (pro-rated for part-time).


To join the SLP, an employee must:

  • Meet the eligibility criteria to be granted SLP membership.
  • Complete the Sick Leave Pool Membership Application.
    • Departmental Attendance & Leave Coordinators may submit applications on behalf of an employee.
  • No paper applications will be accepted.

No Action will be required from Departmental Attendance & Leave Coordinators during open enrollment. The applications will go directly to the CHR Leave Admin team. 

Note: If you are already a member of the SLP, you do not need to rejoin.

How to use and Request SLP Hours

A member may request hours from the pool for his/her own serious disability, illness, accident, or injury, as certified by a physician. Hours may not be used for absences related to a family member’s illness, injury or disability.

Access the form to request SLP Hours here.

Employee may use SLP hours for the birth of their child after delivery for 6-8
weeks (depending upon medical certification). SLP hours cannot be used for
staying home to bond with the newborn.

When the absence meets the FMLA eligibility criteria, the approved absence will be counted toward the employee’s FMLA entitlement.

For more information on requesting to use hours review the SLP Guidelines and have the Medical LOA Medical Certification completed by your medical doctor to utilize your SLP hours.

    2024 Open Enrollment

Click above to access the Membership Application, open from April 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024!

2024 Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment Important Dates

March 28th, 2024
Employee must have a minimum sick leave balance of 72 hours if appointed full-time (pro-rated if part-time)

April 1-30, 2024

Application for 2024 Sick Leave Pool Open for submission

May 9, 2024
After being enrolled into the SLP, the required contribution of 8 sick leave hours (pro-rated for part-time) will be deducted from your balance

June 1, 2024
Newly enrolled members effective date of membership.