Employee / Labor Relations

Federal/State Wage & Labor Information

Employees of the university and applicants applying for jobs at USF have a right to be informed about certain federal and state employment-related laws and requirements, which are listed below and can be accessed by clicking on the links.

Federal Postings

State of Florida Postings

Union Bulletin Boards

Where University-controlled bulletin boards are available, USF agrees to provide space on such bulletin boards for Union use. Where bulletin boards are not available, USF agrees to provide wall space for Union-purchased boards. USF shall make a reasonable effort to make such space available and accessible to employees. The materials posted on the boards shall be restricted only to office Union matters. No material shall be posted which is derogatory to any person or organization, or faction thereof, except that election material relating to union elections may be posted on such boards. 

Approved Union boards would be regulated by USF's Collective Bargaining Unions