This site orignally formed In repsonse to USF's return to campus in the fall of 2021. It continues to serve as one-stop resource regarding  flexible work frameworks that  support USF’s commitment to student  success and the well-being of our employees.

safe return resources video buttonStart here to view a 6 minute introductory video about how to use the resources on this site.   Additionally, you may view a recording of an informational webinar here.

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health tools

USF Health employees can access extra tools and resources here.

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Policy and Agreemment

Click to view more information about the policy, instructions on completing the agreement and further resources.

flex assess

For employees and their supervisors: Evaluate the fit of employee roles that may be able to fulfill their functions in a remote capacity.

hybrid design

A hybrid work environment may have any mix of remote and on-site employees. This guide covers current research and best practices.


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