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How do I know if I'm eligible to work remotely?  Some job functions are better suited for remote work than others.  HR has compiled a flexible work assessment for employees and supervisors to work together in discussing the fit of different roles.

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The guided assessments created by HR include separate assessments for the employee and supervisor.  Dual questionnaires provide the opportunity to capture the shared understanding of what is expected in a remote work environment.  Certain questions will require answering "yes" if they are necessary precursors in alignment with the Flexible Work Arrangement Policy. 

Other questions will help assess whether the role is forward-facing, indicating a needed presence on campus.

The remaining questions will serve the purpose of a more guided experience between the leader and employee in articulating the desired outcome of either remote work or transitioning back to campus.  

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I've been told to return to campus, but I am uncomfortable doing so.  What can I do? People may be uncomfortable for a  variety of reasons, so the first step is the determine why you are uncomfortable. 

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For some, it may be reassuring to know that USF is following CDC guidelines with a plethora of measures.  You can read the latest about returning to campus on USF's main COVID site here.  This page contains links to topics including cleaning and disinfecting, wellness, research & space planning, FAQs and more.

If you have general anxiety about returning, life and personal help is available through our Employee Assistance Program or Impower.

If you have particular health concerns, you may want to explore eligibility for ADA accommodations.  Visit HR's Working Through Covid page as it is regularly updated with resources about taking leave, working remotely, the Employee Assistance Program and HR contacts.  

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What is being done to keep the campus clean, disinfected and safe?  USF has been following CDC guidelines.

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The University has and is still supplying face coverings, barricade tape, floor decals, social distancing signage, new paper towel dispensers, plexiglass screens, "sanikits" and hand sanitizer vending machines throughout campus.  

For instructions in obtaining further supplies, please use the USF Coronavirus Supplies Request page.

Spray hand sanitizer is available through vending machines strategically placed around campus. All students and employees with a valid USF ID card will be able to get two (2) 4 oz. complimentary bottles every 30 days. Check the Hand Sanitizer Vending Locations for each campus.


I have questions and concerns about vaccinations.  Get answers to questions about potential requirements, safety, availability and more.  

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At this time, USF strongly encourages anyone who is eligible to sign up as soon as possible to receive the vaccine.

For the most current updates, keep checking USF's official COVID update page including eligibility, availability and location of vaccination sites. 

For additional information, check the newly and regularly updated Coronavirus Vaccination Information page for the following: 

  • Vaccine availability and distribution
  • GeneralCOVID-19 vaccine information
    • Vaccine facts and myths
    • After you're vaccinated
    • Continue public health measures
  • Current authorized COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Frequently Asked Questions (10 minute video with Dean Petersen and President Currall)

For additional questions, please email

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I will be working from a remote location at least part of the time.  What are some best practices?  Human Resources has compiled many resources to help, beginning with a Remote Work training guide.  

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The Employee Guide to a Flexible Workplace is a great place to start with tips on setting up your home office, safety and security, creating routines and communicating.  

HR L&TD has created the curated list of LinkedIn courses and other resources featured below to both further develop our remote work skills and improve our work life balance as we continue to navigate the rapidly evolving Coronavirus outbreak. visit the curated list of remote work resources here.

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What expectations exist for faculty?  The university has developed a comprehensive FAQ page for faculty. Helpful information has also been provided by the Office of the Provost and Innovative Education in a toolkit for academic continuity.  

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Please see the Faculty FAQ page for information about

  • returning to campus
  • student assistance
  • courses and instruction
  • technology
  • office/classroom/lab/facility concerns

Additionally, the Faculty Toolkit provides guidance for syllabi policy and more.  See the "Covid 19 Procedures" on the USF Core Syllabus Policy Statements page here.  

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What expectations exist for all employees? Human Resources developed a Working Through COVID page with guidance on taking leave, working remotely and maintaining a clean and healthy campus.  Additionally the university regularly updates a Staff FAQ page.

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Visit the Staff FAQ page for information about the following:

  • Fall 2021
  • Vaccinations
  • Returning to campus
  • Attendance and leave

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What do I do about parking on campus? Parking Permits are still required to park on USF campuses 24 hours seven days a week.

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Each employee should weigh the cost of a semester/yearly permit with how often they intend to park on campus throughout the year. In some instances, it may be cheaper to pay for metered parking or a daily parking permit in place of a semester/yearly parking permit. Parking & Transportation Services has provided this helpful document to assess parking options. Contact your campus’ parking office if you need assistance in determining which permit option is best for you in your future at work.



Personal Wellness


How can I stay motivated?  Whether working remote or on-site, most people can use a little help with staying motivated.  

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Access the list of on-site and online workshops offered throughout the year by Magellan, our Employee Assistance Program providers.  You'll find many great topics from mindfulness to motivation.

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I am having trouble with anxiety.  You are not a alone, and there are many resources to help you and/or loved ones with anxiety.

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Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), provided by Magellan Health provides free support and assistance for a variety of concerns. Some of the recent resources deal with emotional and financial challenges by offering online webinars, tip sheets, articles, discounts and personal assistance finding services. For specific COVID-19 tips sheets, click here.

Another resource is IMPOWER. Separate from USF's EAP, IMPOWER is a Florida non-profit organization. They offer no-cost mental health and substance use counseling, medication, and services via telehealth for low-income families and individuals needing help as a result of the pandemic. Click here for the IMPOWER informational flyer.  


I am having trouble adjusting to returning to campus because I have people to care for at home. Many employees have found increased care-taking  roles since the pandemic began.

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Through our Employee Assistance Program, you can also access LifeCare's "We Can Help" program at for personalized assistance in variety of areas. For example, they can help find childcare, pet care and elderly care. Click here for instructions on navigating to the LifeCare resource page.

Are you balancing remote with kids at home? Many of the parents who have been fortunate enough to be able to work remotely have discovered how hard is to do so with children present. Click here for some great tips based on the age of your child(ren) to help juggle parenting & working at home.