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Tim Trowbridge

Tim Trowbridge

Tim Trowbridge

Human Resources Administrator
Education: Bachelor of Science – Business Management – University of South Florida
Office Phone: 727.553.3375



A short paragraph or two describing what you do at the college

As the Human Resources Administrator I am responsible for a wide range of responsibilities for leadership, direction, development, coordination, and the implementation of policies and procedures related to Human Resources and administrative services. I direct the HR functions of the College of Marine Science which include appointment processes, faculty and staff recruitments, payroll, workers compensation, pay distributions, and salary budget projection/forecasting.

I am responsible for interpreting University, Federal and State guidelines, rules and procedures, ensuring that human resources activities are in compliance.

Four Quick Facts About Yourself

  • Born and raised in Florida
  • Favorite sport is golf
  • If I’m not working I am probably kayaking or biking
  • I have never seen snow