Faculty Directory


The MRA concentration involves faculty from biological oceanography and the other disciplines.

Office of the Dean      
Name Title Phone Number Location
Tom Frazer Dean, College of Marine Science 727.553.3369 KRC 3109
Biological Oceanography      
Name Title Phone Number Location
Cameron Ainsworth Associate Professor 727.553.3373 MSL 213
Mya Breitbart Professor 727.553.3520 KRC 2114
Kendra L. Daly Professor 727.553.1041 MSL 220C
Frank E. Muller-Karger Professor 727.553.3335 KRC 2108
Steve Murawski Population Dynamics/Marine Ecosystem Analysis
Professor and St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership Peter R. Betzer Endowed Chair
727.553.3367 MSL 118
Ernst B. Peebles Associate Professor 727.553.3983 MSL 218
Brad Seibel Professor 727.553.3403 KRC 1110
Chris Stallings Associate Professor 727.553.3371 MSL 204
Chemical Oceanography      
Name Title Phone Number Location
Kristen N. Buck Associate Professor  

727.553.1192 Office

727.553.1193 Lab

KRC 2110
Robert H. Byrne Distinguished University Professor 727.553.1508 KRC 2112
Tim Conway Assistant Professor 727.553.3408 KRC 1109
David Hollander Professor 727.553.1019 MSL 216
Nancy Williams Assistant Professor 727.553.1168 KRC 1108
Geological Oceanography      
Name Title Phone Number Location
Jacqueline E. Dixon Professor 727.553.3360 KRC 1107
Alastair Graham Associate Professor 727.553.3415 MSL 207
Pamela Hallock Muller Professor 727.553.1567 MSL 220A
David F. Naar Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 727.552.1637 MSL 214
Brad E. Rosenheim Associate Professor 727.552.3354 MSL 217
Amelia Shevenell Associate Professor 727.552.3372 MSL 207
Physical Oceanography      
Name Title Phone Number Location
Don P. Chambers Professor 727.553.3351 MSL 220
Boris Galperin Associate Professor 727.553.1249 MSL 212
Chuanmin Hu Professor 727.553.3987 MSL 201
Mark E. Luther Associate Professor 727.553.1528 MSL 202
Gary Mitchum Associate Dean, Professor 727.553.3941 MSL 215
Robert H. Weisberg Distinguished University Professor 727.553.1568 MSL 205
Research Faculty      
Name Title Phone Number Location
Cheryl J. Hapke Research Professor 727.553.1184 MSL 220B
Josh Kilborn Research Assistant Professor 727.553.3358 MSL 200A
Chad Lembke Research Assistant Professor 727.553.3976 MSW 203
Steven Meyers Chief Scientist 727.553.1188 MSL 140J