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The faculty seminar is an opportunity for our professors to share their latest research with our community. Due to COVID, the presentations were held online but the event still provided a chance to learn. The image to the left was taken pre-pandemic.

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Tsunami sensing buoy recovered in Tampa Bay

Tsunami sensing buoy recovered in Tampa Bay

Monday, October 11, 2021

An interdisciplinary group of scientists and engineers at USF developed a new type of buoy capable of detecting tiny changes in the ocean floor that can be precursors to large natural events such as tsunamis.



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Can you get any more charismatic?! Taken in Manatee Springs, Florida. Credit: Mya Breitbart

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Peer counselor Lauren, Lab Leaders Savannah and Dr. Digna, and campers Savannah, Sarah, Megan, and Alana help create a final presentation showing sea surface temperature and eddies that formed in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Gulf Stream from July 2020 – July 2021.

Remote Sensing is FAR out!

Our goal was to teach these young women about the complex mechanisms and properties of the ocean that we hadn’t thought about until grad school.

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