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Twelve CMS faculty are included on the latest list of high-impact researchers worldwide, as ranked by citation score. “This is a remarkable achievement, and I’m pleased to our faculty and their teams getting the attention they deserve,” said CMS dean Tom Frazer. “The innovative work being done by all of our faculty is the reason we are on such a strong growth trajectory here at the College of Marine Science.”

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Up close and personal look at a hogfish eye. Photo by Rob Waara.

Life through the eyes of a Hogfish

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

The hogfish, named for the long hog-like snout it uses to root around in the sand for food, is an iconic Florida Gulf Coast seafood staple known for its delicious white meat.

Tsunami sensing buoy recovered in Tampa Bay

Tsunami sensing buoy recovered in Tampa Bay

Monday, October 11, 2021

An interdisciplinary group of scientists and engineers at USF developed a new type of buoy capable of detecting tiny changes in the ocean floor that can be precursors to large natural events such as tsunamis.



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Antarctica icy landscape.

Wish you were in Antarctica? Brad Rosenheim and his team were part of a groundbreaking expedition to Antarctica a few years back. A slice of their expedition was recently converted into a virtual tour.

2022 Spoonbill NOSB

2022 Spoonbill Ocean Sciences Bowl competition

Volunteer for the Annual Spoonbill Ocean Sciences Bowl. We need you! Sign up today! (Deadline Feb 1). Feb 12 on USF St. Petersburg campus.

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