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The Flood Hub is a first in Florida. Established by the state and based at the University of South Florida College of Marine Science, it bridges the gap between scientists, policymakers, practitioners, and the public to help communities mitigate and adapt to flooding risks. The Flood Hub’s goal is to improve flood forecasting and inform science-based policy, planning, and management decisions.

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Coloured electron microscopy of diatoms, species Arachnoidiscus ZEISS EVO SEM

Solving the mysteries of nickel: an oceanic paradox

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

As with terrestrial life, all oceanic life needs nutrients such as nitrate, phosphate, carbon, and various trace metals to survive. In the vast open gyres of the ocean, such nutrients are increasingly hard to come by.

Early evening view of the North Pacific.

Join Me on an Oceanographic Cruise

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Hop aboard a research cruise with Lise Artigue, USF CMS postdoc and marine geochemist. Enjoy a 10-minute video version of a month at sea spent tackling the mysteries of iron and ocean acidification. Great work, Lise and team!



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Katelyn Schockman is a PhD Candidate (now graduate- congrats!) in the lab of Dr. Bob Byrnes, who is a co-author on the paper.

We’ve launched a new series, “One on One,” where we highlight a CMS-related publication with a single summary quote from the CMS author. Perfect for those with only two seconds to spare! Here’s the 3rd in the series.

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