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The Florida Flood Hub for Applied Research and Innovation

The Flood Hub is a first in Florida. Established by the state and based at the University of South Florida College of Marine Science, it bridges the gap between scientists, policymakers, practitioners, and the public to help communities mitigate and adapt to flooding risks. The Flood Hub’s goal is to improve flood forecasting and inform science-based policy, planning, and management decisions.

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Our floating laboratory and home until March, the RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer docked in Lyttleton, NZ.

Expedition Antarctica - A Day in the Life: Station 1

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Graduate student Emily Kaiser, a Ph.D. student in Dr. Amelia Shevenell’s lab, reports in from a research expedition to the Ross Sea, Antarctica, where she is part of a team exploring the timing and mechanisms forcing retreat of the Ross Ice Shelf (RIS) following the Last Glacial Maximum. The team will use seafloor mapping, seismic reflection, and sediment coring to achieve their objectives. Read more about their expedition – and stay tuned for more updates from Emily.



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Join our Team - Hiring two USF College of Marine Science faculty positions

We are hiring - Two USF College of Marine Science faculty positions at any rank in the broad field of Chemical Oceanography / Marine Chemistry. Review of applications begins December 2, 2022. Click the image above to learn more.


Savannah Hartman, USF CMS student

We’ve launched a new series, “One on One,” where we highlight a CMS-related publication with a single summary quote from the CMS author. Perfect for those with only two seconds to spare! Here’s the 5th in the series.

Special Issue

"Turbulence from Earth to Planets, Stars and Galaxies—Commemorative Issue Dedicated to the Memory of Jackson Rae Herring"

Boris Galperin is one of the guest editors for a special issue of Atmosphere on Turbulence. Submissions welcome through Apr 25, 2023. Click the image above to view.

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