Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral researchers are an important part of the CMS research community, and the rank of “postdoc” is an important part of many scientists’ career development. CMS postdoctoral researchers work on problems ranging from satellite measurements of the oceans to implications of oil contamination in marine sediments.

Browse our current postdoctoral researchers to find out what they are studying and how they arrived at this point in their careers.

NAME (alphabetical by last) TITLE PHONE ROOM
Salvatore Caprara Postdoctoral Scholar 727.553.1538 KRC 2109
Matthew J. McCarthy Postdoctoral Scholar 727.553.xxxx KRC 3117B
Tylar WC Murray Postdoctoral Scholar 727.553.1186 KRC 3119B
Matthias Sieber Postdoctoral Scholar 727.553.xxxx MSL 119
Erin M. Symonds Postdoctoral Scholar 727.553.3357 KRC 1124
Mengqiu Wang Postdoctoral Scholar 727.553.xxxx KRC 3124B