Community Engagement


Oceanography camp for girls campers and staff looking at map on deck of RV Angari.

Oceanography Camp for Girls aboard the R/V Angari.

The E&O team is all about engaging our community in ocean-based programs designed to advance ocean literacy for all.


At the USF College of Marine Science we believe that scientists have a responsibility to share their work with public audiences, and we empower them to do so. We are passionate about the need to inspire students of all ages, educators, and scientists with an understanding of, and responsibility for, science-based ocean stewardship.

Our mission is to increase public understanding of the oceans through measureable, experiential community engagement programs. Our education and outreach portfolio includes hands-on, cross-disciplinary programs that:

  1. Advance ocean literacy in the K-16 community (teachers and students)
  2. Prepare graduate students as teachers and communicators of ocean science
  3. Engage ocean researchers in the broader impacts of science
  4. Inspire our local community to be responsible stewards of our coastal oceans

Here is a snapshot of our achievements

  • Our Oceanography Camp for Girls, a model STEM program, has impacted more than 1,000 teens over its nearly 30-year history (and still counting!)
  • We have trained more than 1,000 teachers through our professional development programs
  • More than 800 undergraduate and graduate students have participated in our education and outreach programs via classroom learning, as mentors on field trips, science festivals, and more

We are deeply grateful for our community of longstanding partners and supporters, including state and federal agencies, businesses, and individuals.  We welcome your support!


Teresa Greely, Ph.D., Director, Education & Outreach,
Office Phone: 727-553-3921

Oceanography Camp for Girls coastal cleanup. PC: Chris Campbell.

Oceanography Camp for Girls coastal cleanup. PC: Chris Campbell.

Elementary scholars lifting up seine net after fishing.

Elementary scholars lifting up seine net after fishing.