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Research Vessels

R/V Weatherbird II

USF CMS Research Vessel Weatherbird II

The Research Vessel (R/V) Weatherbird II is homeported on Bayboro Harbor at the University of South Florida (USF) College of Marine Science, St. Petersburg Campus. Her mission is to provide a seagoing platform for oceanographic and marine science education and research at sea.

The R/V Weatherbird II is equipped with advanced laboratories, oceanographic devices, and sensor technologies to investigate biological, chemical, geological, and physical characteristics of the ocean. Researchers use the vessel to support advanced studies on a myriad of complex issues, from impacts on global and coastal oceans to fisheries to deep-sea biology.

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R/V W. T. Hogarth

USF CMS R/V W. T. Hogarth

The R/V W.T. Hogarth is the Florida Institute of Oceanography’s (FIO) newest state-of-the-art Research Vessel. It was built in 2017 and began work in 2018. Named after FIO’s former director, Bill Hogarth, the 78-foot Vessel has room for a crew of 4 and will assume her role as “Florida’s floating lab”, carrying students and researchers to sea.

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R/V Western Flyer

Research Vessel Western Flyer

In November 2022, the R/V Western Flyer was acquired by the Florida Institute of Oceanography and its Host Institution, the University of South Florida. The custom-designed ship was granted to FIO by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) for use as a sailing classroom and platform for FIO’s new peer mentoring program, providing new opportunities for students who dream of a career in Ocean STEAM.

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Science and Education Opportunities Aboard Additional Vessels