Machine Shop


Technical Capabilities
Instrument/Equipment Notes
Pressurization Tank Wet pressure tank, 50 gallon, 17″ ID x 53″ L, 0-600psi, Stainless Steel, removable lid, 28 feed-thrus for view ports, fluid inputs, electrical inputs, etc., chiller coupling capable allowing temperature to 0 C.
Pressurization Tank Wet pressure tank, 10 gallon, 8″ ID x 46″ L, 0-2500psi, Steel, removable lid, 3 feed-thrus for electrical inputs.
ROV (Needs repairs) SEAMOR ROV, man portable, 45lbs, 24″ x 14″ x 14″, 300′ tether, forward / aft video, gripper, DIDSON sonar capable.
USV (Needs Repairs) AEOS Unmanned Survace Vehicle, 72″ x 45″ x 30″, wireless communications, 4 knots max speed, waypoint navagation software, synchronized sensor database software.
Coastal Profilers (25) (Need Repairs) USF/COT Bottom Stationing Ocean Profiler, 200m depth limit, 60-200 cycles, satellite communications, variable sensor payloads (all w/ CTD, some w/ Fluorometers, Dissolved Oxygen sensors, other)
Coastal Gliders (5) 2 G3 and 3G1 TWRC Slocum Gliders, four 200m depth limited, one 1000m, most with CTD, optics package (Fluorometer, Radiance/Irradiance, Dissolved Oxygen), and passive acoustics, one glider with CTD only. One thruster, nose recovery system, and stack on science bay with azfp 200khz echosounder for G3s.
YSI Sonde YSI water quality multi-parameter logger, battery powered, self logging.
Nortek Aquadop Current Profiler Current profiler, battery powered, self logging.
RBR CTDs Multiple RBR CTDs, capable of self logging, battery power
Aanderraa Dissolve Oxygen Optodes (2) Capable of being integrated to existing system, no power or logging.
WETLabs FLNTU fluorometers (2) Capable of being integrated to existing system, no power or logging.
Towed Video System (CBASS) Towed data collection platform, 6 cameras, didson, ctd, fluorometer, telemetry, altitude, and transmissometers
Teledyne-Reson 7125 Multibeam Sonar Operational in depths upto 300m pole or hull mountable backsctatter, water column, bathemetry
Soundmetrics Didson Depth rated 300m, duel freq 1.1 MHz or 1.8Mhz, imaging sonar.
Water Flume 84″ W x 182″L x 48″D(inner dimensions) Salt water capable, filetered, UV light, 4 viewing ports
Water Flume 45″ W x 94″L X 39″D(inner dimensions) Salt water capable, filetered
Adaptable ROV Major effor required to get operational
Water Sampler  
Sipper IV Semi-Major effor required to get operational
Miscellaneous Sensors Multiple CTDs, ADCP (Nortek), YSI Sonde 6600, WetLABS Fluorometers, Aanderraa Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
Acoustic Tracking Trackpoint 3P and Trackpoint 2 acoustic tracking systems, multiple transponders and pingers
Acoustic Modems Benthos and WHOI Micromodem systems