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Kristen Kusek
727-692-6482 (cell)

Biological, Chemical, Geological, and Physical oceanography.

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Cameron Ainsworth Fisheries Management, Food Webs, Marine Ecosystems, Population Dynamics, Population Modeling, Statistics
Mya Breitbart DNA, Genomics, Microbiology, Microbes, Molecular Biology, RNA, Virology, Virus, Viruses
Kristen N. Buck Deoxygenation, Electrochemistry Chemical Oceanography, Hypoxia, Trace Metal Biogeochemistry, Trace Metals
Robert H. Byrne Deoxygenation, Hypoxia, Ocean Acidifcation, Seawater Trace Element Chemistry, Trace Metals
Don P. Chambers Glaciers, Glacier, Global Climate Change, Greenland and Antarctica Ice Mass Balance, Large-Scale Ocean Circulation, Sea Level Rise, Sea Level Rising, Statistics
Tim Conway Geochemistry, Hypoxia, Iron in Atmospheric Dust, Marine Biogeochemistry, Trace Metal Isotopes
Kendra L. Daly Gulf of Mexico and Antarctic Ecosystems, Low Oxygen Regions in Ocean, Microbe, Statistics, Zooplankton Ecology
Jacqueline E. Dixon Geochemistry, Geology, Higher Education Administration, Igneous Petrology, Marine Volcanology, Volatiles, Volcano, Volcanoes
Thomas K. Frazer Marine ecology, water quality, eutrophication, harmful algal blooms, seagrass, coral reefs, fisheries ecology and management, climate change, conservation, coastal resilience
Boris Galperin Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Hypoxia, Modeling, Ocean Circulation, Ocean Physics, Paleoceanography, Physical Oceanography, Planetary Atmospheric Circulations, Transport and Diffusion, Turbulence Theory and Simulations, Turbulent Mixing
Alastair Graham Autonomous Instruments, Antarctica, Bathymetry, Climate Change, Marine Geomorphology, Polar Marine Geology, Marine Geophysics, Glacial Processes, Sea Floor Exploration
Cheryl J. Hapke Coastal geology, coastal morphodynamics, coastal hazards, vulnerability assessments, coastal resilience, storm and sea level rise adaptation planning, human influences on geologic systems, barrier island geomorphology, seacliff erosion processes, Geospatial analyses
Chuanmin Hu Buoy, Buoys, Coastal Water Quality and Pollution, Harmful Algal Blooms, Ocean Optics, Ocean Color Remote Sensing, Radiative Transfer Modeling, Red Tides
Frank E. Muller-Karger Climate Change, Marine Biodiversity, Marine Ecosystems, Marine Science and STEM Education, Marine Pollution, Marine Productivity and Nutrients, Ocean Environment, Sea Level Change, Temperature Change
Joshua Kilborn Marine Ecosystems, Complex Adaptive Systems, Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management, Fish Ecology, Biodiversity, Climate Change Effects, Ecological Regime Shifts, Numerical Ecology, Statistics, Multivariate Statistical Modeling, Pattern Recognition, Spatiotemporal Analyses
Chad Lembke Glider, Buoy, Gliders, Buoys, Engineering, Mechanical Engineer 
Mark E. Luther Coastal and Estuarine Dynamics, Marine Ecosystems, Maritime Transportation, Numerical Modeling of Ocean Dynamics, Ocean Environment, Ocean Physics, Operational Oceanography, Ports, Radar, Real-Time Oceanographic Observing Systems
Steven Meyers Maritime Transportation, Physical Oceanography, Applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Climate Risk,
Numerical Ocean Modeling, Estuarine Physics
Gary Mitchum Climate Change, El Niño / El Nino, Ocean Physics, Sea Level Rise, Sea Level Rising, Tides, Tsunamis
Pamela Hallock Muller Bioindicators, Coral Reefs, Foraminifera, Marine Ecosystems, Nutrition in Coastal Zones, Microbe, Ocean Acidification, Ocean Environment, Sediment Cores
Steve Murawski Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Fisheries Biology, Marine Ecology, Oil Spill Impacts, Seafloor Mapping
David F. Naar Fish, Plate Tectonics, Seafloor Mapping
Ernst B. Peebles DNA Barcoding, Otolith Microchemistry, Stable Isotope Analysys
Brad E. Rosenheim Antarctica, Climate Change, Marine Ecosystems, Oceanography, Oceanic Petroleum Paleoceanography Pollution, Radiocarbon Dating, Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Brad Seibel Biology of Mollusks, Deoxygenation, Hypoxia, Ocean Acidification, Polar Biology, Squid
Amelia Shevenell Antarctica, Climate Change, Climate History, Ice Sheet Instability, Ocean Temperature, Paleoceanography, Sea Level Rise, Sediment Cores, Sea Level Rising
Chris Stallings Conservation, Ecology, Experimental Science, Fisheries, Marine Ecosystems
Robert H. Weisberg Continental Shelf and Estuary Circulation, Forensic Studies, Fish Recruitment, Harmful Algal Blooms, Hurricane Storm Surge and Waves, Marine Observations and Modeling, Oil Spill Tracking, Physical Oceanography, Red Tides

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