Robert H. Weisberg

Robert H. Weisberg

Robert H. Weisberg

Emeritus, Distinguished University Professor
Physical Oceanography
Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, 1975
Office Phone: 727.553.1568
Email: weisberg@usf.edu
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Research: Ocean Circulation; Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Studies in the Tropics; and West Florida Continental Shelf Circulation

Specialties: Physical Oceanography, Continental Shelf and Estuary Circulation, Marine Observations and Modeling, Forensic Studies

Applications to: Hurricane Storm Surge and Waves, Harmful Algal Blooms, Spill Tracking, Fish Recruitment and Location

Dr. Weisberg is an experimental physical oceanographer engaged in ocean circulation and ocean-atmosphere interaction studies in the tropics, on continental shelves, and in estuaries. His research presently emphasizes the West Florida Continental Shelf (WFS) circulation and the interactions occurring between the shelf and the deep-ocean and between the shelf and the estuaries. Through his Ocean Circulation Group he maintains a coordinated program of real-time, in-situ measurements, analyses, and numerical circulation models aimed at describing and understanding those processes that determine WFS water properties. Observations consist of surface moorings for real time surface meteorology, water column ocean currents, and temperature/salinity (T/S), some inclusive of waves; subsurface moorings for currents; HF-radar for surface currents; profilers for T/S (in collaboration with the CMS-COT); analyses of satellite data for SST, SSH, and geostrophic currents; and surface drifters. Models consist of WFS regional applications of ROMS nested in the 1/12th degree North Atlantic HYCOM (to study the WFS and deep-ocean interactions) and FVCOM (to study the WFS and estuary interactions) and sub-regional FVCOM applications to individual estuaries. Additional FVCOM applications, making use of the model’s high resolution and flooding/drying capabilities, are for coastal inundation by hurricane storm surge.

Dr. Weisberg is on the Board of Directors for the Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association (SECOORA) and is a member of the Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) Coastal and Environmental Research Program (CERP).