Facilities and Equipment

Aquarium Lab

The Research Aquarium Lab - USF College of Marine Science

Knight Aquarium Research Facility – KRC1122

Principal Scientist: Chris Stallings

The Research Aquarium Lab is a flexible, user-directed facility capable of housing marine flora and fauna for husbandry and experimental purposes.  The lab has both flow-through and closed system seawater options with aeration conduit and access points throughout the entire facility.  It is equipped with large water tables and cylindrical tanks plus an array of smaller aquaria, pumps, powerheads, heaters, and chillers.  There are three environmental chambers that can be separately manipulated and maintained under a wide range of light and temperatures regimes.  The facility also has three workbenches, two sinks, and two refrigerators. Reserve the aquarium room here.

Associated PI’s and Staff: Stallings, Peebles (MRA/Fisheries Ecology), Seibel (Physiology)