Facilities and Equipment

CO2 Chemistry Lab

 CO2 Chemistry Lab - USF College of Marine Science

Lab Manager: Xuewu Liu, Lab Director: Robert Byrne

Overview: The CO2 Chemistry Lab develops procedures and instrumentation for laboratory, shipboard and in situ measurements of CO2 system parameters.

Facility Instrumentation:

1. SEAS (Spectrophotometric Elemental Analysis System), an in situ platform for measurements of pH, dissolved inorganic carbon, trace metals and nutrients
2. MICA (Multiparameter Inorganic Carbon Analyzer), a flow-through system for measurements of pH, DIC and pCO2
3. pH measurement systems
4. Indicator Dye Purification System (Teledyne CombiFlash RF system, Waters Prep LC system)
5. Spectrophotometric system for measurements of total alkalinity
6. Instrumentation for measurements of dissolved inorganic carbon
7. Spectrophotometers (Agilent 8454, Cary 400, Ocean Optics)