Facilities and Equipment

Optical Oceanography Lab (OOL)

The ocean optics facility includes an instrument and optics lab equipped with optical table, integrating sphere, NIST-traceable lamp, and fabrications for validation of the lab’s optical sensors. The facility includes instrumentation to measure both Inherent Optical Properties (IOPs) and Apparent Optical Properties (AOPs) both above and below the water’s surface. The instruments include both commercial and in-house hyperspectral radiometers, red/blue/green WETLab transmissometers, HOBILab Hydroscats scatterometers, WETLab AC-9 and AC-s, Perkin Elmer Lambda 18 spectrophotometer, and 10-AU Turner fluorometers.

The OOL also has a Virtual Antenna System (VAS) infrastructure to download low-level satellite data and generate higher-level targeted data products for many regions in North America and around the world. The facility includes dedicated data and processing servers, backup device, web portals as well as commercial and NASA software.

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