Albert C. Hine

Albert C. Hine

Emeritus, Professor
Geological Oceanography
PhD, University of South Carolina-Columbia, 1975
Email: hine@usf.edu
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Research: Carbonate Platforms and Reefs; Coastlines and Continental Shelves; Geologic History of Florida, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean; Geology of Continental Margins; High Resolution Seismic Reflection Profiling; Phosphate Deposits; Sea Level Changes of the Geologic Past; and Seafloor Mapping and Imaging.

Dr. Hine is fundamentally a broadly-trained geological oceanographer who has addressed sedimentary geology/stratigraphy problems from the estuarine system out to the base of slope—primarily in carbonate or mixed siliciclastic/carbonate environments. He, his associates and graduate students have defined the response of coastal and shelf depositional systems to sea-level fluctuations, climate changes, western boundary currents, antecedent topography, and sediment supply. Specifically this includes geologic origin and evolution of submerged paleo-shorelines, reefs (relict and active), shelf sand bodies, open marine marsh systems, barrier islands, and back-barrier environments. Hine’s primary research tools are high-resolution seismic reflection profilers, side-scan sonars, swath bathymetric systems, geoacoustic seafloor-classification systems, and ROV’s. Additionally, they have used a variety of submersibles including the DSRV Alvin and Clelia.

Dr. Hine has participated in >75 research cruises including the JOIDES Resolution (Co-chief scientist—Leg 182, and sedimentologist—Leg 194). Dr. Hine won the Francis P. Shepard Medal for excellence in marine geology in 2009.